NPS + GSA + Diversity = Geological AWESOMENESS!! (Apply by 2-18-14)

Did I hear that correctly?! The National Parks Service and the Geological Society of America have teamed up to combat the lack of diversity? Yesssss! It’s true!

This racial-gap-fighting-duo has come together and created Mosaics in Science, an 11-week internship during Summer 2014. Historically underrepresented undergraduates (or recent grads) between the ages of 17-25 can apply. And boy is it a sweet deal! Housing, travel anndd….wait for it….waaaait fooorrr iittt…………. a $4,000 stipend!!


I myself, did a paleo internship with NPS during my undergrad. It was one of the most rewarding internships I’ve experienced. The connections and skills I gained during those 10 weeks benefitted me throughout the rest of my undergrad, my graduate work, and even still today in my career.

I’m so happy more minorities will have access to such a wonderful and enriching experience. Because access is often an issue. Back in the 1990s when I did my internship, the housing was provided but the stipend was only $600 for the entire summer and I had to find my own way to the Park. It was in a rural area, so a second job would be difficult to find. I am lucky enough to have a family that could pay for my plane ticket, and that I didn’t have any financial responsibilities or huge bills that required me to earn more income than what it costs for my cell phone and food.

Black people everywhere are proud.


The deadline is February 18, 2014 so hop on it people and get that experience!


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