Who are we?

BlackGeoscientists.com represents is the 2% of geosciences that is African American (referring to bachelor degrees awarded). For more information on the face of geosciences, please visit our Stats page.

What are we?

BlackGeoscientists.com is a space where we  can voice our experiences, views, and opinions on being black in a geological world. As well as celebrate what has been accomplished, and shed a light on our community.

Why are we here?

BlackGeoscientists.com is here to start a conversation among everyone. And we mean everyone. Diversity is an integral part of progress for all.

As a geoscientist haven’t you wondered why it’s 2014 and most people still confuse geology with archaeology? Aren’t you tired of the same old stereotype of ‘rocks for jocks’? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Nobel Prize in Geosciences? For geosciences to have that level of impact on mankind?

Diversity isn’t needed for greatness to occur; but society as a whole does need to see value in something in order for it to fund more research. And the fact is our society is changing to a blacker and browner society. Minorities (and women) need to be engaged in order for science to grow. With our national initiatives to diversify STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), we have seen unexpected progress. For example, engaging girls in STEM has lead to an unexpected expansion of toys that engage ALL kids in STEM.

It is our opinion that when we ensure that everyone is included, we all benefit. And we would like geosciences to see some of that benefit as well. For more information on Why Diversity, please click here.

Why blacks?

Blacks are the most underrepresented population in geosciences (other than Native Americans, poor Native Americans). And it’s time for that to change. To learn more about the demographics of geosciences, please visit our Stats page.



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