Call for videos!

Hello Friends!

This initiative is focused on increasing diversity in the geosciences, and I would like your help. My initiative will be focusing on the major underrepresentation of blacks in geosciences.

Why blacks? Only 2% of geoscience degrees are awarded to blacks, even though we make up 15% of the population. That has got to change.

As part of the initiative I want the voice of black youth to be heard. I am looking for 30-45sec videos of black youth 11-22 years old sharing their candid answer to “What is a geologist?” If you are a black youth (over 18) or are the parent of a youth, I would be delighted to include your video. Let the voice of young people be heard!

Please submit videos by December 31, 2013 via email, google docs, or dropbox to (Early submissions are welcome!)

With the video, please include the youth’s age and location (ie Age 14 Queens, NY), do not include names as they will not be published anyway. All videos will be posted on a youtube channel and then linked to

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Thanks for your support!


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